Supreme High voltage Oil Testing Apparatus is designed for testing of dielectric strength of transformer Oil or any other insulating liquids. It constitutes a complete equipment and apart of an A.C. supply of 230 / 240 Volts, no other supplementary facilities are required for its operation.

The oil Testing Set is a portable design suitable for operation in dry surroundings. Absolutely pure dry transformer oil has extremely high break-down value upto 90 kV. In actual commercial practice, perfect transformer oil is not available. Small amount of miniature fibers are also always present which absorb these traces of moisture, however small. Though they are present in very small traces, the dielectric strength of oil becomes greatly reduced. Therefore, the minimum acceptable insulation value for transformer oil recommended by Indian Standard Specification IS: 335: 1963 is of 40 kV in 4 mm electrodes gap. This large difference strikingly indicates the effect of suspended moisture and other inherent impurities in transformer oil upon its dielectric strength. Thus, safety and reliability of H.V. Transformers and other H.V. oil immersed Electrical Equipment is entirely dependent on transformer oil as an insulating medium and therefore, it is essential to have periodical routine checking of oil in transformers, switchgears and other oil filled electrical equipments for satisfactory function.

This Oil Test Set is very essential for transformer & switchgear manufacturers, also for oil filtering units, electrical repairs and maintenance shops.

Supreme Oil Test Set is a portable unit as per relevant Indian Standard Specification IS :6792 :1992, suitable for operation on 230 / 240 Volts, A.C. 50 Hz. A three core flexible cable is connected to the unit with three pin socket to connect the mains. The H.V. Transformer is a completely dry, resin encapsulated with two H.V. terminals with mounting saddles. The centre point of the transformer is earthed, so that the voltage of each terminal to earth is only half the test voltage.

Maximum safety of operator as well as the equipment is ensured while designing. The output regulator is interlocked at its minimum position so that H.V. can be switched 'ON' only when the voltage regulator at 'zero' and the hood is shut. The output voltage regulator must be brought to 'ZERO' after every test. The hood leading to H.V. terminals has a safety switch fitted, so that opening of the hood shuts the H.V. ‘OFF'. The equipment is a portable compact single unit of pleasing appearance & colour. Fabricated sheet steel cabinet duly powder coated & provided with substantial lifting handles. All controls and indicators are located on a front panel duly marked for easy operation.



0-50 kV or 0-60 kV or 0-80 kV or 0-100 kV
Continuously variable and applicable between H.T. Electrodes in the Test Cup conforming to IS : 6792 : 1992.



A Linear Scaled A.C. Rectifier Voltmeter marked kV to measure output voltage to liquid dielectric with memory effect.



Mains 'ON' and H.T. 'ON' indicating lamps.



The unit will be supplied with the rate of rise of voltage at 2 kV / second and in case motorization is failed, the same can be operated manually.



Low / High level interlocking for drive motor.
H.T. Chamber door interlocking.
Earth open interlocking.
L.N. Reverse interlock.



Quick Acting D.C. Relay to isolate the H.T.



Test Cup with cover is made of Methyle Mathacrylate (ACRYLIC) having oil volume between 300 and 500 ml, with adjustable and removable mushroom head Electrodes to IS:6792 & IEC :156. The GO & NO GO gauges are made out of alloy steel duly hardened and ground to adjust the Electrode gap distance.



Motorised cum manual operation.



1. Mains 3 pin cord 2 meter long.
2. Test cell with Electrodes.
3. GO & NO GO Gauges.
4. Operating Instructions.
5. Our Guarantee certificate.




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